I work with indie and traditionally published authors to help them reach their full potential. Whether your work is at the beginning or final stage, I can help. Some of the services I offer include beta reading, copy editing, substantive editing, and proofreading. My rates are as follows:

  • Beta Reading: $0.006/word. This services involves providing a manuscript critique from a reader’s point of view and making overall suggestions on how to improve the story before it goes out to the world.
  • Substantive Editing: $0.007/word. When writing a story, it’s easy to get carried away with process and overlook some of the major issues in plot structure, character development, and the like. I can help you improve organization and flow of ideas, content, and much more. Depending on the amount of revision required, substantive editing may involve some rewriting.
  • Copy Editing: $0.004/word. Almost every manuscript requires a second pair eyes whether it’s destined to be self-published or sent off to a publisher or agent. I will revise your work, grammar, spelling, and punctuation; make suggestions on word improvement; and ensure all prepositions are in place. This service includes three rounds of detailed editing.
  • Proofreading: $0.002/word. This service includes revising text for last-minute errors in spelling and punctuation and missed words.

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